Discover the Power of Laravel Ecosystem in 2024: Enhance Your Web Development

Amit Verma . 10 June 2024
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20 Laravel Ecosystem in 2024: All You Need to Know

Do you know Laravel's annual revenue in 2024 is $5.7 million? Surprising right? Another fact is that the Laravel Ecosystem enriches the already powerful Laravel web development framework. It is a developer's gold mine of tools, packages, and resources. Imagine developing complex functions with minimal code; this is the Laravel Ecosystem's magic. With this toolbox, programmers can create websites that are safe, work well, and are fun to make!

Consider it this way: Laravel offers a strong and secure platform for your application's basis. On the other hand, the Laravel Ecosystem is a fully equipped toolbox that addresses particular problems with specialized tools. Do you require user verification? For that, there is a package. Do you want to incorporate real-time features? There's another package here.

This article explores 20 Laravel ecosystems, many of which are invaluable resources just waiting to be used. So, now let's learn more about them.

Overview of Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel offers a rich ecosystem that goes beyond the core framework to supercharge your development process. This constantly updating set of tools, libraries, and resources supports your Laravel project's daily operations and its fundamental features.

You may greatly improve security, create contemporary web apps more quickly, and provide your engineers with an easier development experience by operating the Laravel ecosystem. You can improve your development workflow using many of the solutions available in this well-organized ecosystem. This will help you realize how Laravel application development may completely help your projects.

Key Components of the 2024 Laravel Ecosystem

The following Laravel utilities improve workflow and facilitate a smooth development process.

1. Laravel Breeze

Adding user authentication to your Laravel ecosystem is made easier using the pre-built package Laravel Breeze. It has ready-to-use features, including email verification, password reset, registration, and login. Using this instead of beginning from scratch to implement these features will save you time and effort. Laravel Blade, the templating engine used in Laravel apps, and Breeze connect easily. Once a user registers, Blade handles authentication automatically, utilizing a mix of routers, views, and controllers.

Breeze provides scaffolding alternatives for Inertia.js or Livewire for developers who want a more contemporary approach. These frameworks make for a more dynamic and responsive interface. For individuals who prefer such JavaScript frameworks, Breeze also permits customization through the use of Vue.js or React code.

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework used to create the user interface components produced by Breeze. This guarantees a neat and fashionable appearance for your application. All things considered, Laravel Breeze is an effective solution that makes adding user authentication to your Laravel apps easier. Unlike Laravel UI, it offers a solid base that is simpler to restart, configure, and test.

2. Laravel Herd

Laravel Herd is an ecosystem that makes creating native macOS or iOS applications quick and easy using Laravel and PHP. Combining Nginx with PHP removes the requirement for external services or APIs.

Furthermore, the Herd can create Laravel apps without requiring you to install Homebrew on your PC. Pre-compiled binaries are included, which also speed up use and enable development integration into the system.

Confirming that it is only compatible with macOS and does not support Linux or Windows is crucial. You are also prohibited from adding any further extensions.

3. Laravel Dusk

This automation browser for Laravel applications is user-friendly. You can now write automated tests that act like humans are executing them, thanks to Laravel Dusk, an expressive testing and automation browser framework.

Put another way, you won't have to perform manual testing because of Laravel Dusk. For example, this will help you fill out forms and execute code. Additionally, it lets you test your application frequently to ensure it satisfies the requirements. Using Dusk does not require installing Selenium or JDK on your computer. This provides a roadmap for testing an application's graphical elements and functionality in a virtualized browser environment, which is useful under the Laravel Ecosystem.

4. Laravel Prompts

Laravel Prompts is a renowned PHP package for form-based command-line applications. It allows programmers to create visually appealing web interfaces with browser-specific functionality like placeholder text and validation.

There are several benefits to using Laravel Prompts, but the primary one is that it is updated with the latest Laravel versions or will be updated soon. In addition, WSL prompts work with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

5. Laravel Horizon

Investing in Laravel Horizon might allow you to embed configurable dashboards and instant event notifications into your projects. It also provides code-driven setup and API endpoints for your Laravel Redis queues inside your application.

Horizon's monitoring services under Laravel's Ecosystem simplify your work. One tactic is estimating the amount of time required to do the work. By deploying Laravel Horizon, you can view the stream of events and the visibility of jobs in real-time. It may also be used to create dashboards that provide details about the current features and applications.

The Laravel Horizon has been linked with well-known apps like Slack and Trello to provide real-time project tracking. It allows you to do several tasks or applications in the background.

6. Laravel Pint

Laravel is now one of the collections of components that make up the Laravel ecosystem; Pint is a fixer for opinion-expressing PHP code. Thanks to its simple design and auto-installation capability in new Laravel projects, you can write code more quickly and effectively.

Additionally, Pint was developed using PHP-CS-Fixer and can help you simplify your writing style and maintain clean, consistent code. Laravel Pint is another module that fixes coding style errors and produces code your engineers can understand.

You may correct code style mistakes using Pint. It does this by utilizing Laravel's opinionated writing style. However, installing the composer on an older version of PHP will cause a problem.

7. Laravel Sail

Laravel Sail is a command-line interface designed especially for the Laravel Ecosystem. It uses Docker for development environments and builds Laravel apps using PHP, MySQL, and Redis. No prior Docker expertise is required to develop apps using this robust database and Sail.

Its pre-installation in all new Laravel apps is an additional benefit that lets you get started immediately and release projects faster. Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows can all use Laravel Sail smoothly.

You may adapt or outsource Laravel development tools for apps as needed since Laravel Sail makes Docker feasible. The "docker-compose.yml" configuration file is also required for the development environment.

Official Laravel Packages to Extend Framework’s Capability

8. Laravel Livewire

For Laravel, a full-stack framework known as Laravel Livewire was created expressly to generate an involuntary user experience without requiring PHP or JavaScript. It aims to optimize real-time updates and server-side rendering power for dynamic front-end user interfaces.

Using Laravel and Blade templates, developers can construct user interfaces (UIs) that respond to user actions like scrolling, moving, clicking, and submitting forms without requiring a page reload. Therefore, interacting with online apps may be simple and fluid.

9. Laravel Inertia

The Laravel PHP framework and the Interia JS JavaScript library work together to create the potent Interia combo. It creates dynamic, modern single pages by using server-side routing. Furthermore, Laravel Interia is more than just a framework for client-side and server-side rendering.

Using Interia, you can rapidly create single-page applications (SPAs), simplifying the front-end and back-end development of your Laravel application. Additionally, you can build single-page applications with server-side Laravel routing using Vue and React.

10. Laravel Telescope

One tool that helps with tracking and troubleshooting the Laravel framework's behavior is the Laravel telescope. This application makes it easier to evaluate insights about log entries, database queries, app requests, and alerts. The Laravel Telescope may be used to organize tasks and optimize your application's performance.

In other words, it effectively debugs your application using Laravel telescope debugging and insight UI. Telescope's cache operations may improve the Laravel Ecosystem by enabling you to identify possible threats and monitor the amount of cache used.

Laravel Development Packages To Deploy

Using strong deploy packages, you can use the following Laravel ecosystem to deploy and optimize the user experience quickly.

11. Laravel Nova

The Laravel Nova administration panel is one relatively new feature for your application. This package provides a simplification tool for the modification process and administrative aspect management for your Laravel application. It also includes a strong administrative panel handy when constructing Laravel web applications using the Laravel PHP framework.

With features and tools that streamline the process and enhance the application, Laravel Nova makes web application admin interface design easier. You may create Vue SPAs using these Laravel frameworks. Another benefit is the speed at which developers can produce SPAs.

12. Laravel JetStream

The popular Laravel Ecosystem includes an enhanced Laravel authentication user interface version. Laravel JetStream's rich feature set allows for the simplification of complex scaffolding and authentication processes. The Tailwind CSS framework makes distinguishing between Laravel Interia and Livewire possible.

Moreover, Laravel JetStream, a free substitute, offers a wealth of library capabilities that may be used to develop contemporary and safe functionality. Additionally, Laravel JetStream is available for purchase as a ready-made solution for intricate tasks like user authentication.

13. Laravel Pulse

This package for the Laravel Pulse framework is open-source and free. Its function allows your developer to monitor various parts of your web application. The package was designed with instant capabilities in mind, giving you vital information on how to use and operate your program.

Using Pulse, you may identify bottlenecks in your Laravel framework. Slow jobs and endpoints are two instances of bottlenecks. Moreover, the application removes tedious processes and lets developers incorporate cutting-edge application features. WebSockets are also used to facilitate back-and-forth communication between the client and the server.

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More Laravel Ecosystem Packages and Tools

14. Laravel Envoyer

It is well-known for its zero-downtime deployment capabilities. Laravel Envoyer is a helpful tool for key server tasks, such as remote work. The tool simplifies the deployment process and makes it easier to set up activities using Artisan commands with minimal downtime.

It also ensures continuous availability and accessibility of applications throughout deployment without compromising system performance. These qualities led to its rapid popularity among developers for Laravel-built application deployment tasks. However, Envoy is only compatible with MacOS and Linux. WSL2 may be used to support Windows systems.

15. Laravel Cashier

It is an official PHP framework designed to help you manage and simplify the subscription billing processes, such as creating invoices, for your web service. The Braintree and Stripe subscription billing systems are similar to the UI/ UX of the Laravel Cashier. It may also handle any boilerplate subscription code developers have made to provide a billing code.

Laravel Cashier makes it easy to manage subscription services, including billing, PDFs, subscriber numbers, swaps, discounts, and cancellations.

16. Laravel Echo

The JavaScript package provides an essential way to subscribe to channels and lists for event broadcasts. Laravel Echo implements the WebSocket protocol using pusher-js NPM packages for channels, messages, and subscribers. This means that when you make changes to your application, the browser won't have to reload the entire page.

17. Laravel Forge

It's a server administration tool designed primarily for Laravel and PHP websites. Laravel Forge simplifies application configuration and deployment by automating server administration, software installation, and deployment. For application security, it also offers firewall authentication and Secure Socket Shell.

The application deployment tool considers server complexity and offers a simple dashboard with an intuitive user interface. Developers may create apps that run on different cache and database servers using Laravel Forge. Another advantage is its flexibility, which lets you switch providers without changing your server's configuration.

18. Laravel Sanctum

Laravel Sanctum offers lightweight authentication solutions for mobile apps, token-based APIs, and SPAs. It enables developers to add different kinds of instructions-containing API tokens to their accounts.

Basic packages from Sanctum also make it easier to build a secure, user-friendly authentication API. Additionally, it could protect the routes in your Laravel Ecosystem. Rest API Security is by far the most excellent illustration of Sancutm.

19. Laravel Scout

Eloquent models in Laravel applications may have full-text search capabilities added to them via a driver-based technique. Using model observers, Laravel Scout makes basic search index automation easier. Thus, eloquent items will be included in your search indexes right away.

On the other hand, to support local development, the Laravel Scout framework provides a simple database with a collection driver. Furthermore, Scout eliminates the requirement for extra reliance on Laravel development services by letting you create your own drivers to carry out search methods.

20. Laravel Socialite

The Laravel Socialite module makes it easy for developers to integrate social logins into their projects. It simplifies the process by bringing social login capabilities to apps like GitHub, Google, Facebook, and other platform logins.

Laravel Socialite's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to connect with OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 libraries for popular service providers, including X (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn, GitLab, and Slack. This facilitates social media authentication and social API integration.

Features and Advantages of the Laravel ecosystem:

Laravel Package Features Advantages
Laravel Breeze Pre-built user authentication Easy integration, time-saving, supports modern frameworks
Laravel Herd macOS/ iOS app development No external services/APIs, pre-built binaries, fast development
Laravel Dusk Browser automation testing User-friendly, eliminates manual testing, frequent testing
Laravel Prompts Command-line applications Visually appealing interfaces work on Windows/Linux/macOS
Laravel Horizon Configurable dashboards, event notifications Easy monitoring, real-time job visibility, customizable dashboards
Laravel Pint Code fixer for opinionated PHP code Faster coding, cleaner code, consistent style
Laravel Sail Docker development environment No Docker expertise required, pre-installed, works on Linux/Mac/Windows
Laravel Livewire Full-stack framework for real-time UIs No page reloads, dynamic user interfaces, server-side rendering
Laravel Inertia Server-side routing for SPAs Faster SPA development simplifies front-end/back-end development
Laravel Telescope Debugging and insights tool Improves application performance, identifies potential issues, monitors cache usage
Laravel Nova Administration panel for Laravel apps Simplifies admin interface design, faster SPA development
Laravel JetStream Enhanced authentication user interface Simplifies complex scaffolding/authentication, modern features
Laravel Pulse Real-time application monitoring Identifies bottlenecks, eliminates tedious processes, WebSocket communication
Laravel Envoyer Zero-downtime deployment tool Easier deployment process, minimal downtime, continuous application availability
Laravel Cashier Subscription billing management Easy subscription management, handles boilerplate code
Laravel Echo JavaScript package for event broadcasting Real-time updates without page reloads
Laravel Forge Server administration tool Simplifies server management, automated deployment, secure applications
Laravel Sanctum Lightweight authentication for APIs/SPAs Secure user-friendly authentication API, protects routes
Laravel Scout Full-text search for Eloquent models Easy search index automation, driver-based approach
Laravel Socialite Social login integration Simplifies social logins, OAuth support, user-friendly interface

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Final Thoughts

The Laravel ecosystem has made it possible to convert updated pre-built features and faster development times. You may get assistance with every facet or region of creating web apps thanks to the abundance of packages and tools available in the Laravel ecosystem. This lets you snap together your web app super fast instead of having to build everything from scratch. You may get professional help to enhance your projects and ensure outstanding results by hiring specialized Laravel developers. With the Laravel toolbox, you can build your web app super fast, make it super cool, and really impress everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Laravel is a popular PHP framework for building web applications in 2024. It is well known for its vast library, easy syntax, and convenience. Globally, Laravel is growing in popularity among developers, and this trend is expected to continue in 2024.

The Laravel Ecosystem is a comprehensive collection of tools, packages, and resources designed to enhance the Laravel web development framework. It enables developers to create complex functions with minimal code, improving security, efficiency, and overall development experience.

Laravel Breeze simplifies user authentication by providing a pre-built package that includes features like email verification, password reset, registration, and login. It integrates seamlessly with Laravel Blade and supports modern frameworks like Inertia.js and Livewire for a dynamic and responsive interface.

Laravel Horizon offers configurable dashboards and instant event notifications, allowing real-time monitoring of Laravel Redis queues. It simplifies workflow by providing real-time job visibility and can integrate with applications like Slack and Trello for project tracking.

Laravel Sail benefits developers by offering a command-line interface that uses Docker for development environments. It comes pre-installed in new Laravel projects, requires no prior Docker expertise, and works on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, facilitating quick and easy setup.
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