IPH Technologies Flexible Engagement Models

We are a web and app development company that works with both small and large businesses. We provide three different engagement options through which you may employ a team of top Indian web developers. We have both full-time and part-time and hourly options for those looking to employ a web developer in India. Alternatively, you can utilise IPH Technologies' Managed Projects approach to set up a web development team.

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  • Part Time Model

    Using this framework, you may hire website developers willing to put in eight hours per day, five days per week. Employ our web developers to save money on creating useful enterprise software.

  • Hybrid Model

    It's a time-and-material model that specifies your project's time and resources. The time and resources invested in carrying out the full process can be reduced by using the Hybrid Model.

  • Permanent Role Model

    The full-time model allows you to hire a specialist for a predetermined number of hours per day, five days per week, and twenty days per month. If your company requires the services of web app designers, you can select this structure.

  • Client Managed Team

    In this setup, our web developers will collaborate with your in-house staff and project managers. If you need total offshore development support, our pool of competent resources is available as your extended team.

A Team Of Technical Experts Transforms All Industries And
Business Processes

Established Year
IPH Technologies was established as a software and app development company in 2013 year.
Experience Developers
We have vast experience in the field of creating cost effective software and application solution.
Number of Projects Completed
Several mid and large size projects successfully undertaken and completed by the company.
Number of Clients Worldwide
Thousands of clients the company has served on a global scale.

Process We Follow

We create innovative solutions that transform industries and enable digital business growth. We create memorable experiences beyond code with an emphasis on quality, client pleasure, and innovation.


    During this phase, you will be responsible for conducting research into the task scope, as well as the business needs, operational requirements, and technological requirements.


    This phase requires a comprehensive grasp of the critical data for.net development, which includes the scope of the project, its timetable, any repetitious data, and the hazards that are involved.


    It is of the utmost importance to find the right people for the right jobs because those individuals are the backbone of any development effort. When it comes to recruiting the most talented people in the industry, we spare no effort.


    We cherish both our own time and the time of our customers. As a result, no time is wasted in getting started on the project once it has received approval from all relevant parties.

Are You Prepared to hire web app developer from IPH Technologies

Tell us about the web development project you are working on, and we will assist you with assembling your ideal development team as quickly as possible.

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Our Commitment & Guarantee

We create innovative solutions that transform industries and enable digital business growth. We create memorable experiences beyond code with an emphasis on quality, client pleasure, and innovation.

  • 24/7 Support

    Round-the-clock assistance and customer support.

  • Timely Delivery

    Consistently delivering products or services within agreed-upon deadlines.

  • Security

    Ensuring the protection of data, information, and assets .

  • 100% Transparency

    Open and honest communication throughout all interactions.

Why Hire Web Developer Online from IPH Technologies?

Hire full stack web developers from IPH Technologies that are well qualified and have previous experience working with companies operating in a wide variety of business sectors. We are the best source for hiring web developers in India.

You can save up to 70%

If you hire a web developer, you could save up to 70 percent on your overall development expenditures.

Capacity for Effective Communication

You should hire a group of web developers in India who are dedicated to working on your projects and speak English.

Contracts With Restrictions On Disclosure

To guarantee the entire safety of our customers' source code, we use legally binding non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Experienced Developer

Where web app developers from India that have a minimum of three to five years of expertise in the business.

Zero Infrastructure Costs

When you hire front end developers from India through our company, you save a whopping 100 percent on the cost of infrastructure.

Expertise in Ten or More Different Technologies

Our web developers available for hiring are knowledgeable in more than ten of the most recent advancements in front-end and back-end web technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of employing a web developer is mostly determined by the tools and skillsets available to the developer. However, you can hire web developers at a very affordable rate.

To help our clients find the best fit for their projects, we provide a variety of engagement models to hire web developers. IPH Technologies web developers work exclusively on your project if you employ them full-time. IPH Technologies also provides the option to contract with offshore web developers on an as-needed basis. Spend some money now on getting a progressive web app developer.

To ensure that our dedicated web developers are working efficiently, we have set up internal monitoring tools. We're all on the same page because we keep accurate time records and share them. IPH Technologies is the place to go to find web developers in India.

It could take as little as one to two months to get started, but that timeline could balloon if complex features and functions are required. In addition, the length of the game is affected by the website's complexity; a more intricate site necessitates more time to load.

The answer is conditional on the specifics of your project. The size of the crew assigned to your project will be proportional to its scope.