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CNC Panel Designer App is your ultimate solution for panel cutting optimization crafted for small to medium-sized cabinet shops. CNC Panel Designer App simplifies the creation of precise cutting lists for CNC machining. With real-time calculations at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions with ease. Collaborate seamlessly with your team through our intuitive workspace, enhancing productivity and collaboration. CNC Panel Designer App offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to export designs in DXF format for seamless integration with CAD software and CNC machine control systems. Experience the future of panel cutting optimization with CNC Panel Designer App today.


CNC Panel Designer App

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Planing, Design, Development and Deployment

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Technology Selection

Our team made a deliberate choice to ensure the app's availability in both Mac and iPad sizes. Our decision to implement SwiftUI was driven by its capability to seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes, enabling us to deliver a cohesive experience to the designers without compromising on development efficiency.

Agile Methodology

Guided by the principles of Agile methodology, our process prioritized flexibility and adaptability. This iterative approach facilitated flexibility and adaptability throughout the project lifecycle, allowing us to respond efficiently to feedbacks in real-time. Embracing Agile practices ensured continuous collaboration, rapid iteration, and timely delivery of a high-quality product.

Designer-Oriented Design

Crafted with the needs of designers in mind, our app offers a sleek and user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use and efficiency. With a focus on enhancing the creative workflow, every aspect of the design has been meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless experience for our target audience, the cabinet designers.

Customization and Flexibility

Our approach emphasizes providing CNC machine designers with extensive customization options, enabling them to create custom designs tailored to their unique specifications and preferences.

Integration Compatibility

We ensure that the dxf design files created within our app seamlessly integrate into CAD software and CNC machine control systems, enhancing compatibility and workflow efficiency for designers.

Our Process



Laying the Foundation: Crafting a Strategic Roadmap for Developing the CNC Panel Designer App.


UI/UX Design

Creating an Intuitive User Interface for Optimal User Experience in the CNC Panel Designer App.



From Concept to Reality: Bringing the CNC Panel Designer App to Life with Implemented Features and Functionality.



Ensuring Precision and Quality: Comprehensive Testing to Guarantee Smooth Functionality of the CNC Panel Designer App.



Launching the CNC Panel Designer App Successfully: Simplifying Deployment for Seamless Access by Users.


Real-time Calculations

The app supports real-time calculations, ensuring accuracy and precision in design creation and material estimation. Designers can rely on these calculations to make informed decisions and optimize their workflow.

CNC machine compatibility

Designs can be exported in DXF format, ensuring compatibility with CAD software and CNC machine control systems. This feature allows users to seamlessly transfer their designs for further processing and machining.

Collaborative Workspace

Facilitating teamwork and collaboration, our app allows users to collaborate on projects in real-time. Administrators can create cabinet designs and share them with team members, streamlining the collaborative design process. Additionally, entire projects can be shared among team members, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Offline Access and Sync

Users can access and work on their designs offline, with automatic syncing when an internet connection is available. This ensures seamless workflow continuity, even in areas with limited connectivity.

Project Challenges

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